Provides home care services, skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy

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Neurology Services


  • Instruct patient on pathophysiology of disease, diet, exercise & use of meds
  • Assess vital signs, any post operative complications, reaction to meds & activity and notification of changes in patient condition through regular skilled visits
  • Instruct patient on signs and symptoms of seizures, TIA’s, early signs of MS, ALS and Parkinson’s
  • Instruct on risk factors of neurological diseases



Create a medication profile worksheet

Instruct on side effects of medication

Administer injections per MD orders

Lab draws ordered by physician, in-home PT/INR tests

Review all medication for contraindications and interactions

Customize a realistic medication schedule

Assess home environment

Instruct on proper body positioning pre, during & post seizure

Coordination of care with respect to DME, Private Duty, Social Services, etc.

Perform post surgical wound care

Telemonitoring used to provide daily vital signs monitoring & reporting

Assess need for PT, OT, ST, for Home Exercise Program or any other type of therapy needed post stroke rehab

Parkinson’s and other neurological afflictions

Low-vision rehabilitation: for those patient diagnosed with low vision impairment our Occupational Therapist will help develop a program to assist the patient become independent with necessary activities of daily living

Coordination of community resources by a licensed Medical Social Worker



Assess patient’s attitude about managing disease

Alzheimer’s training program for the caregivers

Instruct on coping skills to manage disease process and maintain compliance

Assess verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Provide important numbers to community resources

Coordinate contact with support groups if necessary

Describe importance of seeing PCP and other healthcare providers regularly

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