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Home Safety & Fall risk Program

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The Roads Home Health Care, Inc. has implemented a program that educates and advises our seniors on modifications of their homes so they can achieve and maintain a safe environment in which we can optimize their quality of living. Our program is based on 5 key components:


Making Sure there are clear fire escape routes

Working smoke alarms on every floor

Carbon monoxide detectors

Working Fire extinguisher in the kitchen

Monitors and intercoms

Fireplace safety

Hot water pipe safety

Emergency escape plans in the event of a disaster


Assess home for raised doorway thresholds

Remove unsecured floor coverings

Remove clutter

Repair loose carpet

No electrical cords in walk ways

Maintenance of assistive devices

Handrails in hallways

Always maintain a clean dry floor


Assess and install grab bars in the bathroom

Use non-skid mats inside and outside of shower or tub

Use of non-skid mats around the toilet

Use of appropriate bathing aides

Use of proper transfer techniques for accessing and exiting tub/shower

Use of hand held shower

Have all items required for bathing in place prior to accessing tub


Store household items on lower shelves so that you can access them easily

Use reaching devices to access things that are higher than you can reach

Do not carry too many items at one time

Wear low heeled, comfortable shoes that fit well

Do not wear socks without shoes


Have night lights installed

Always make sure to sit up on the edge of the bed and get used to light before attempting to walk

Purchase a large number phone if trouble seeing

Keep home well lit

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