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Cardiac Care Program

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Cardiac Care

Total Home Healths nurses are available to asses chest pain, heart and lung sounds, respiratory difficulties, and wound to provide the necessary physician-ordered care. Our Cardiac Care Program provides patient education and self-empowerment for medication adherence to reduce the need for hospitalizations and ER visits and to delay the onset of cardiac complications. Using standardized educational program, patients are taught healthy hear living, how to care for themselves following cardiac procedures and surgeries, and are given knowledge about the cardiac drugs that have been prescribed. Care is directed by the patients physician and brought to the patient through highly trained and experienced cardiovascular nurses, To keep cardiac patients heart-healthy at home, they provide:

Case management by RNs

Infusion Treatment at home

Oximeter testing

Point of care PT/NR testing

Disiase management services for HF, cardiac surgery and COPD


Traumatic Injury Wounds

Dehisced Wounds

The program will provide the patient/caregiver the following benefit & support:

Patient education and self-management tools

Cardiac specific education materials

Telemonitor Services as requested by MD-following MD parameters

Coordination of DME and Assistive Devices

Support from our Clinical Team to ensure that your patient understand how to best manage their condition

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