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Wound Care Services

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Wound Care Services

Total home Healts Wound Care Services focus not only on the treatment and healing of wounds but also on the patients overall health. Our wound specialists provide individualized and expert care under a patients physician order to ensure our patients reach optimal healing and positive outcomes. In addition, our nurses provide education on the symptoms of infection, the use of specialized equipment, and outline an exercise and nutritional program for proper recovery. Our goal is to provide greater independence and preserve the patients dignity.

Pressure ulcers

Vascular ulcers

Diabetic ulcers

Draining wounds

Surgical wounds

Fistulas and tube care

Skin breakdown due to incontinence


Traumatic Injury Wounds

Chronic Wounds

Post Surgical Flaps & Grafts

Dehisced Wounds

Disease Complication Wounds

Services Include, but are not limited to:

Dressing Changes

Wound VAC Management

Supportive Care Education Of Disease Process

Individual and Family Counseling

Management & Evaluation of Patient Care Plan

Observation and Assessment

Home Safety & Emergency Education

Medication Education

Assistance and ADLs

Nutrition Education

Restorative Therapy (Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy)

Ostomy Care

IV Therapy for infected Wounds

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