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What is Lymphedema Therapy Program?

  • An integrated protocol for reducing lymphedema and its symptoms. It does not “cure”; but rather alleviates swelling and pain
  • It is administered in the home under doctor’s orders
  • It combines manual lymph drainage maneuvers, multi-layer bandaging and fitting of compression garments
  • Diabetic and safety counseling as well as exercise instruction are incorporated
  • Proper administration requires supervision by a certified lymphedema therapist
  • Patients are typically seen 3 to 4 times each week for 4-6 weeks
  • Under certain circumstances and always in consultation with the attending physician, lymphedema pumps may be incorporated into the treatment

What are the benefits of the Lymphedema Therapy Program?

  • Opportunity to receive treatment at home
  • Reduced swelling and discomfort
  • Increases in mobility
  • Improvements in balance
  • Increased sense of “being in control”

Treatment / Care

  • Assessment of skin integrity
  • Assessment of functional mobility
  • Assessment of impaired daily activities
  • Assessment of pain level
  • Assessment of affected areas and levels of sensations
  • Strengthening test
  • Manual Lymph Drainage – A gentle massage that stimulates the lymphatic system to decrease the swelling
  • Medical Compression Bandaging – facilitates Lymph flow and assist in the maintaining positive effects of the manual Lymph drainage between treatments
  • Sequential Pumping – used as needed to assist in Lymph drainage in combination with manual Lymph drainage and medical compression bandaging
  • Exercise Program – A personalized exercise program to assist in improving range of motion, strength and ability to perform everyday activities
  • Patient/caregiver education – Proper skin care, self massage, exercise, and precautions to assist in making positive life-style choices