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  • Instruct patient on pathophysiology of disease, diet, exercise & use of meds.Assess vital signs, any post operative complications, reaction to meds & activity and notification of changes in patient condition through regular skilled visits.
  • Educate patient/caregiver on managing signs and symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia.
  • Instruct patient on how to use blood glucose monitoring equipment.
  • Educate patient/caregiver on importance of maintaining a blood glucose log and levels that need to be reported to their doctor or nurse.
  • Assistance with personal care and ADL’s by our Home Health Aide/Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Assess the patient’s skin integrity for signs and symptoms of diabetic ulcers.


  • Create a medication profile worksheet.
  • Instruct on side effects of medication.
  • Review all medication for contraindications and interactions.
  • Customize a realistic medication schedule.
  • Instruct in proper technique for insulin administration. Emphasize site rotation & cleanliness prior to discharge.


  • Assess home environment.
  • Coordination of care with respect to DME, Private Duty, Social Services, etc.
  • Instruct on foot care. Make recommendation for DPM.
  • Instruct on prevention of renal and dental problems.
  • Instruct on proper vision care and regular follow ups/check ups with Opthamologist.
  • Low-vision rehabilitation: For those patients diagnosed with low vision impairment, our Occupational Therapist will help develop a program to assist the patient become independent with necessary activities of daily living.
  • Teach patient/caregiver the proper discard of biomedical waste.


  • Assess patient’s attitude about managing disease.
  • Instruct on coping skills to manage disease process and maintain compliance.
  • Assess the response to treatment/intervention.


  • Describe how and where supplies can be obtained.
  • Coordinate contact with support groups if necessary.
  • Describe importance of seeing PCP and other healthcare providers regularly.